Each of our hats is a work of art − the result of tradition, experience and a love of hat making.

Nowadays, not only do hats and other headpieces appear in high fashion collections and in theatre productions, they are also worn as everyday fashion accessories. For certain professions in the public and private sector, hats present an important part of employee uniforms. Whatever their purpose, hats reflect the mastery of the artisan and represent the personal expression of the individual wearing them.

Our hats are made of top quality materials and designed for a unique wearing experience. They embody a harmony of shapes, elegance and glamour. We create hats for people with a recognizable style, for people who know what they want and who choose their headpieces with great care.

In addition to cleaning and reshaping of the Rudolf brand of hats, we also produce top hats, semi-top hats and headpieces ranging in size from 48 to 65 for museums, film and theatre productions, etc.